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Full-time, professional performer and instructor of bellydance.

Amethyst is a full-time, professional performer and instructor of bellydance. She has been bellydancing since 1997, and teaching since 2001; and is the owner of three performance troupes, including ElectroBelly Dance Troupe (professional) plus 2 troupes consisting of her students of various levels (including professionals-in-training).

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Amethyst is a graduate of the Ansuya Comprehensive (under master instructor Ansuya Rathor of Bellydance Superstars), having earned her certification in San Francisco and Miami; and has performed and/or taught bellydance in Pittsburgh (PA), San Francisco (CA), Amherst/Northampton (MA), Detroit (MI), and more.

Amethyst has taken workshops and lessons to learn a variety of styles, with popular instructors Hannah Romanowsky (Persian, Afghani, Moroccan), Karim Nagi/Turbo Tabla (Egyptian style), Deniz of Caravan Workshops (Lebanese, Turkish, Greek, Egyptian styles), Rachel Kay Brookmire of Sahara Dance (Washington, DC)(Classical Egyptian style), and Elizabeth “Artemis” Mourat (Silver Spring, MD) (Turkish styles).

Amethyst performs Cabaret style bellydance regularly at weddings, baby showers, birthdays, cafes, restaurants, corporate events, and more; and performs her own ElectroBelly (Ethno-Electro) style of bellydance regularly at festivals, electronic music events, theaters and performance venues. She is available for hire; and teaches multiple, weekly bellydance classes for various levels including casual beginners all the way to professionals-in-training.

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Amethyst enjoys the spirituality of bellydance. She offers Sacred Dance workshops in addition to bellydance. Along with dancer Aviva, Amethyst has offered free bellydance workshops and shows to cancer patients at Magee Women’s Hospital, as a volunteer community service. Amethyst has been organizing fundraising events for vegan-approved charities since 1995, and has focused largely on HIV prevention charities as well as human, animal and environmental protection groups. Amethyst is the founder of RE-Model Gala events; raising awareness about environmentalism while providing local artists and dancers with the opportunity to display costuming made from creatively reused and recycled materials.

Amethyst hosts special show and workshop weekends in Pittsburgh, PA, providing local dancers with opportunities to study under master instructors, and to see shows by popular dancers, musicians and DJs. Amethyst has hosted Karim Nagi (“Turbo Tabla”), Deniz (Caravan Workshops), Dance Ethnologist Hannah Romanowsky, DJ Jason Burns, and plans to host many more instructors and performers in the future.

Amethyst, photo by Betty Focus

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