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Host a Spa Party!

Women/Girls' Gatherings
Host a party in your home, and invite guests to enjoy one or more of the following services, provided by professionals:

  • Bellydance Lesson
  • Bellydance Performance
  • Sacred Dance (Spiritual) Workshop
  • Massage Therapy
  • Hair and Make-Up Session
  • Yoga Lesson
  • Hip Hop Dance Lesson
  • Vegan Desserts (pre-made for your party)
  • Vegan Catering
  • Vegan Cooking Demonstrations

Various price ranges are available, depending on chosen services and quantity of guests.
Some packages include free or discounted services for Hostess, and the hostess' party guests each pay a party fee.
Packages are available for all price ranges and preferences, with each guest paying anywhere from $30-$75 each, depending on services!
(Rate will be pre-determined and announced to guests in advance).

Children's Parties are also available.

Contact info@pittsburghbellydance.com or 412.225.3302 for more information about possible packages.