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Healing Links

The American Kidney Fund

Their Mission Statement: The American Kidney Fund is our nation's #1 source of direct financial assistance to kidney patients, and is a leader in providing education to those with and at risk for kidney disease. Our programs address all stages of kidney health, including kidney disease awareness and prevention; community outreach to individuals at high risk for kidney disease; and treatment-related support for those requiring renal dialysis or transplantation. www.kidneyfund.org
Amethyst sadly lost her wonderful 24-year old cousin Jerry Hays to kidney problems, and hopes you will support this charity to help those who are still alive.

Vegan Living

See the Healing Arts By Amethyst Vegan Living page to find information about taking better care of yourself, the earth, and the other animals on earth.
A healthy vegan diet is a wonderful source of disease prevention and recovery.

Cancer Prevention and Survival

The Cancer Project
The Cancer Project provides comprehensive educational materials,
conducts clinical research studies, and publicizes the value of a healthy diet
in cancer prevention and survival.

HIV/AIDS Services and Prevention

Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force
PATF is dedicated to providing support for people living with HIV and AIDS in Southwestern Pennsylvania and prevention education in the community, since 1985.

Holistic (Pittsburgh)

Heart of Pittsburgh
As a service to the Greater Pittsburgh holistic community, find a list of the spiritual/wellness web sites of local interest.