Healing Arts by Amethyst   Healing Arts by Amethyst
Amethyst is the director of 2 performance groups (one professional, one student), listed below.

ElectroBelly Dance Troupe

ElectroBelly Dance Troupe is a professional performance troupe, which consists of dancers Amethyst (director) and Celeste; and regularly features guest acts such as additional bellydancers, break dancers, DJs, musicians, artists and more. Blending music and dance styles from the Middle East with that of American rave culture, ElectroBelly offers a very unique and creative show. ElectroBelly performs a variety of styles, from tribal fusion shows suitable for raves, all the way to classy Cabaret shows suitable for weddings. ElectroBelly Dance Troupe is available with dancers only, or accompanied by live musicians. Live musicians may include David Hakim's band (Arab music for weddings and traditional shows), or electronic music DJs and bands (for modern shows such as raves). ElectroBelly is available all over the world, for weddings, birthdays, children's parties, festivals, corporate parties, holiday gatherings, bachelorette parties and more.
Click here to find video clips and more information about ElectroBelly Dance Troupe.

Tribe of Azhar

Amethyst presents Tribe of Azhar - a student bellydance troupe, directed by Amethyst, which consists of her performing students of various levels. Tribe of Azhar perform at student shows and fundraiser events, hosted or booked by Amethyst. Occasionally, more advanced students perform as opening or guest acts in Amethyst's professional shows. Azhar is an Arabic name which means "flower, shining, bright". Amethyst provides her students with monthly performance opportunities, so they may always grow and blossom, whether each dancer's goal is to become a professional dancer, or simply to nurture and ignite her soul!


Amethyst is the director and booking agent for both
ElectroBelly Dance Troupe and Tribe of Azhar.
Please contact Amethyst if you wish to book either a professional or student show for your event. Specify when calling, if you are interested in a professional show, or a student show.

Photo (R) of ElectroBelly Dance Troupe by Urban Flash Photography