Healing Arts by Amethyst   Healing Arts by Amethyst

Pittsburgh Healing Arts
by Amethyst & Friends

Amethyst is part of a lovely network of professional healing artists and wellness practitioners in and around Pittsburgh, PA.

She hosts events including services (provided by professionals in her network) such as massage therapy, Reiki, energy work, cellular expansion, aromatherapy, crystal healing, healing music, yoga, sacred dance, drum circles, healing (live) music, and more.

Amethyst and friends are available to provide Holistic and Wellness parties at your own reserved party destination or home, as well as various venues we use.

Book a Wellness Party!
Call Amethyst at 412-225-3302 or e-mail amethyst@healingartsbyamethyst.com for more information, and to book a party!

Upcoming Healing Arts and Wellness Events

Check out Amethyst's Events Calendar (includes both bellydance AND healing arts events) to find public events for which you may register to attend.