Healing Arts by Amethyst   Healing Arts by Amethyst
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Pittsburgh Bellydance
& Pittsburgh Vegan Festival

Pittsburgh Bellydance, cultural and healing arts/wellness events, Pittsburgh Vegan Festival, classes and more - with Amethyst and friends.
Bellydance, sacred dance, Indian dance, hoop dance, live cultural music, drum circles, electronic music DJs, vegan festivals, haflas, massage parties, aromatherapy, Reiki, yoga, environmental events and more!
Contact Amethyst for more information about any event. 412-225-3302 or info@pittsburghbellydance.com

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ElectroBelly Dance Troupe
Amethyst's Pittsburgh Bellydance
Pittsburgh Vegan Festival

Click here to review PAST EVENTS from 1999-2012. Events after 2012 have not been added to the list, but you may inquire about any past events by contacting Amethyst.