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The History of ElectroBelly

Bellydance Electronica Show & Party series turned professional dance troupe, created by Amethyst

bellydance electronica /photo by Renee Rosensteel


ElectroBelly began as an electronic music & dance, show & party series created by Amethyst, each including a bellydance show featuring guest performers from the rave scene (such as breakdancers, glow poi dancers, etc.), live electronica bands and drummers, followed by a DJ'd open dance party for everyone. ElectroBelly has evolved into an official troupe, ElectroBelly Dance Troupe, which continues to produce the mentioned style of show and dance parties.

The history...

ElectroBelly began with Amethyst, combining her two loves - bellydance and the world of electronic music. Astarte and Shanti joined Amethyst for a few years of performance. Then, ElectroBelly transformed from a show and party series to an official troupe (ElectroBelly Dance Troupe) consisting of Amethyst and Celeste, eventually adding Sterling and Carla (of Sterling Yoga) to the troupe. Amethyst, Celeste, Sterling and Carla perform together regularly as ElectroBelly Dance Troupe, often including guest acts such as break dancers, electronic music DJs, hoop dancers, Indian and other world dancers and musicians and more, as part of their act, with their shows often followed by an open dance party.

Very attracted to electronic music and dance of various forms, Amethyst and Astarte found each other at a rave (after dancing all night!) in 2000 and have enjoyed dancing together ever since. They continued their love for dancing together by mixing their rave-style dance with bellydance. Amethyst and Shanti have been bellydancing for 15 years, some of those years together. Astarte began taking bellydance lessons from Amethyst in March, 2006, with such rapid advancement that she was quickly added to Amethyst and Shanti's performance line-ups. Astarte's experience with electronica dance is a major reason for her fast advancement with bellydance. Amethyst, Shanti and Astarte mix the popping & locking, funky costuming, animated movement and dramatic gestures of rave dancing with the smoothness and serpentine flow of bellydance, bringing vibrant character to their shows.

ElectroBelly's current members, Amethyst, Celeste, Sterling and Carla, perform a variety of styles, including ElectroBelly's own style (electro-bellydance fusion) as well as Cabaret, Sacred Dance, Tribal Fusion and World Fusion.

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