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ElectroBelly Dance & Music Troupe

Booking Agent: Amethyst 412.225.3302

ElectroBelly Dance Troupe, Description

ElectroBelly dancers (Amethyst and friends) bring you professional, world fusion bellydance, with inspirations from ancient Middle Eastern history all the way to the modern American rave culture; from more traditional shows all the way to modern bellydance electronica parties, and every thing in between. Guest acts include additional bellydancers, break dancers, hoopers and more. ElectroBelly celebrates an ancient artform with a modern twist!

ElectroBelly musicians and DJs mix electronic music with live instrumentation, connecting with dancers on the stage and dance floor, through sounds of the world mixed with sounds of the rave.

ElectroBelly began as a show and party series (turned dance troupe), created by Amethyst, with events ElectroBelly 1, 2 and 3 taking place in Pittsburgh, PA. The events included a variety of dancers, musicians and DJs. ElectroBelly Dance & Music Troupe is a traveling act, which grew out of those events, performing often, around Pittsburgh and beyond.

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Please note: Some of the events listed below are older, to show some of our past work from some years ago, when we were a show and workshop series rather than collective/troupe; but, ElectroBelly is actively and currently producing shows on an on-going basis! Please see the EVENTS page for upcoming/current events.