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Amethyst's Bellydance Troupes

Amethyst is the director of 3 performance troupes, listed below "Important notes about styles and levels". Amethyst directs a professional troupe (ElectroBelly, which offers BOTH ElectroBelly/modern AND Traditional/middle eastern styles of shows with professional dancers - great to hire for your event or party); and 2 student troupes who perform at charity events and student shows.

Important notes about styles and levels

Traditional/Middle Eastern:
If you prefer a more traditional style of bellydance show, Amethyst provides shows with authentic middle eastern music (live or pre-recorded), costuming and dance. Middle Eastern-themed parties, restaurants, weddings, educational events, and other events with a preference for tradition are accommodated, and Cabaret style bellydance is provided. Shows are always family-friendly. Children love this beautiful and cultural dance.

If you are looking for something unique and modern, and like the idea of a fusion of traditional middle eastern dance with totally Americanized modern dance and electronic music, then ElectroBelly shows are provided, which may include electronic music DJs, break dancers, hoopers, a variety of cultural dancers, and more. Amethyst originated the Ethno-Electro style of bellydance, through ElectroBelly Dance Troupe.

Professional dancers:
Professional dancers (and musicians, by request) are available for hire through Amethyst, for your public or private events of all types.

Student dancers:
Amethyst provides an incredible amount of performance opportunities to her students, so they may improve more quickly than the average occasional dancer, and because her students enjoy the opportunities and fun vibe created at her shows. Student shows are a very important part of a students' growth. Student dancers are available through Amethyst for certain charity events and organizations. To find out if your organization qualifies, and for more information, please contact Amethyst. Amethyst only supports organizations which do not participate in vivisection (animal experimentation).

Please specify when calling Amethyst at 412-225-3302, whether you are interested in a professional or student show; and whether you'd prefer a traditional/middle eastern show, or a modernized ElectroBelly event. All shows are booked through Amethyst

The Troupes...

ElectroBelly Dance Troupe

ElectroBelly Dance Troupe performs a variety of styles, from classy Cabaret shows with traditional middle eastern music and costuming (suitable for weddings, birthdays, restaurants, etc.), all the way to Ethno-Electro (their original style) shows suitable for theatre stages, raves and electronic music festivals. ElectroBelly is a professional performance troupe/collective directed by Amethyst, which regularly features guest acts such as additional bellydancers, break dancers, electronic music DJs, musicians, artists and more. Blending music and dance styles from the Middle East with that of American rave culture, ElectroBelly offers a very unique and creative show. ElectroBelly Dance Troupe is available with dancers only, or accompanied by live musicians or electronic music DJs. Live musicians may include David Hakim's band (Arab music for weddings and traditional shows) or Tom Moran (oud) and Rich Ermlick (drums); or electronic music DJs and bands (for modern shows such as raves). ElectroBelly is available all over the world, for weddings, birthdays, children's parties, festivals, corporate parties, holiday gatherings, bachelorette parties and more.

Click here to watch VIDEOS and find more information about ElectroBelly Dance Troupe.

Video: Amethyst & Celeste of ElectroBelly Dance Troupe, performing a Dubstep (electronic music) duet, accompanied by DJ Tall (Sunset til Sunrise)

Student Troupes directed by instructor Amethyst

Amethyst directs two student bellydance troupes, an intermediate and advanced student troupe; and Mystic Reign (beginner students). Students of Amethyst perform at student shows and fundraiser events, hosted or booked by Amethyst. Occasionally, more advanced students and those who have reached a professional level perform as opening or main acts in Amethyst's professional shows. Amethyst provides her students with monthly performance opportunities, so they may always grow and blossom, whether each dancer's goal is to become a professional dancer, or simply to nurture and ignite her soul!


Amethyst is the owner of ElectroBelly Dance Troupe (professional) and two student troupes.
Please contact Amethyst if you wish to book either a professional or student show for your event. Specify when calling, if you are interested in a professional show or a student show, and if you are interested in a Cabaret (traditional) show or an Electro (modern) show. All shows are booked directly through Amethyst.